Friday, May 12, 2006

Send SMS all over world for FREE!

DesiMySpace launches new feature for it's members!

I was very excited today. I live in California and my husband, who came on H1B visa, works for an IT company here. Majority of my family is back in India and some of them are in UK as well. Like any South Asian family our family is very closely knit and I am very attached to my family. I share my feelings, emotions with my family members, almost on a daily basis. As it is, I am alone at home and besides few small courses I have joined recently, I don't have much to do other than waiting for my beau.

Honestly, I would love to talk to my family over phone on a daily basis, but it costs a lot to make long distant calls. We chose the next best cost effective alternative, emails and messangers. The problem with the messanger is, you don't find your family all the time. Due to the time zone difference between USA and India, when I am free to talk, my family is sleeping. And when they are free to talk, I am busy with my housework oblivious to the fact that they are waiting for me.

Recently, I discovered, rather accidentally, one of the best websites for Desis (South Asians), DesiMySpace and I am almost addected to it. This social networking site is only for Desis like me and I feel very comfortable being with other members, who share the same language, customs, mannerism, culture like me. The site is tactfully censored by the management hence no nudity, no foul language allowed and I could invite my entire family there. Since DesiMySpace have their own chatooms, we chat in those, instead of using annoying messangers (my MSN closes every 5 mins). We also share our photographs, blogs ,forums etc and my family is relieved that I am amidst nice people.

Coming back to why I was excited.. I was always on a look out for a site which offers to send reliable and free SMS to India and UK. Few of these sites are specialized only for India or for Indian subcontinent and others only for UK but they were not very reliable. They would stop their service abruptly and every now and then, I would start hunting for new sites. Few of these website would leave their annoying advertisements at the end of the SMS and believe me, it's irritating.

Today, as a daily routine, when I went on DesiMySpace, I saw an announcement about making Text Messaging facility available for members, completely FREE! I couldn't believe my eyes. I can send SMS on 193 mobile carriers completely Free, that too from my favorite site. I decided to test this almost immediately and sent my first text message to my brother, "If you get this message, come online, I am waiting for you", it read. And within few minutes, my brother was online, ofcourse rather worried and wondering what was so urgent. When I told him about this new facility by DesiMySpace, he was very happy. I suspect he was more happy because now he can send SMS to all his friends worldover and don't have to explain dad about higher cellphone bills.

I wonder HOW dedicated DesiMySpace's management is! Right from the day I have joined, I have seen them adding new features on a very regular basis. Constant monitoring of the site and coming forward to support the newbies like me is really commendable. I am not a shy person who was lost on other Social Networking site because I was amidst people from different race and cultures anymore. Here, at DesiMySpace I feel at home and now I can contact everyone at home using text messages any time of the day! Isn't it fabulous? I guess, every Desi should join this unique and wonderful site and feel at home with other fellow Desis. God Bless DesiMySpace. Like they review the movies, I will give Two Thumbs All the way Up for DesiMySpace!


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